Glacial Lake Missoula
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Glacial Lake Missoula was the source of much of the water for the famous Ice Age Floods of the Pacific Northwest. Featured field evidence for the lake...
Snoqualmie Pass in the Cascade Range
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Interstate 90 geology from North Bend, Washington to the Snoqulamie Pass area. Includes discussions of Cascade Range volcanic history, the Snoqualmie ...
Ice Age Lakes between Seattle and the Cascade Range
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Interstate 90 between Seattle and North Bend, Washington rolls through outstanding scenery created during the Ice Age - and by the Seattle Fault. Glac...
Columbia River Gorge
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The Columbia River Gorge features an incredible variety of geology and human history as it slices through the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest.
Rain Shadow Effect
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Rain Shadows - dry areas on downwind sides of mountains - are prominent on the Big Island of Hawaii and east of the Cascade Range in the Pacific North...
Geology of Seattle and the Puget Sound
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The hills and lakes of Seattle, Washington are a direct result of multiple Puget Lobe advances during the Ice Age. Beneath the drumlins, outwash, glac...
Volcanoes Around the World
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Volcanoes around the world (Kilauea, Rainier, Mazama, Yellowstone, Long Valley) erupt magmas with differing silica contents - and therefore have const...
Lahars - Volcanic Mudflows
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Volcanic Mudflows known as lahars are prominent near Interstate 90 at Thorp, Washington. Mount Rainier produced the famous Oceola Mudflow - 5600 years...
Mount Mazama Ash from Crater Lake volcano eruption 7,700 years ago
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Mount Mazama (known today as Crater Lake National Park, Oregon) erupted violently 7700 years ago leaving an impressive crater where the mountain once ...
Ice Age Floods, Lake Missoula, Bonneville Flood and the Columbia River Basalts
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Floods of lava (Columbia River Basalts) and Ice Age Floods of water (Lake Missoula floods and the Bonneville Flood) are world-famous topics among geol...
Palouse River Canyon hike to base of Palouse Falls - 3 December 2014
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Short video clips taken during morning hike. Warmer weather is expected ... This ice may not last long.
Geology Video Blooper - Columnar Basalt
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Tom Foster (http://HUGEfloods.com) and Nick Zentner (Central Washington University) have been hiking together in eastern Washington for years. The res...
What is a Coulee?
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What is a Coulee? Dramatic coulees of eastern Washington's Channeled Scablands were created by powerful Ice Age Floods that dug aggressively into the ...
Giant Current Ripples Created by the Ice Age Floods
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Ice age floodwater 650 feet deep - moving at 65 miles per hour - left Giant Current Ripples along the Columbia River at West Bar! The ripples at West ...
The White Bluffs at Hanford Reach - Columbia River Free Flowing Stretch
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2 Minute Geology visits the White Bluffs just north of Richland, WA on the Hanford Reach National Monument. The last free-flowing stretch of the Colum...